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Wellbeing Studio Collective

Welcome to Wellbeing Studio Collective, a growing community of individuals dedicated to nurturing holistic wellbeing through a variety of modalities. Here, we come together with a shared passion for holistic health and healing, cultivating a safe and welcoming space to support everyone's unique wellbeing journey. From specialised yoga practices to sound healing and biofield tuning, alongside wellbeing coaching, nutrition guidance, workshops, and other holistic care, the wellbeing studio offers a sanctuary for growth and healing. Join us as we embrace the diversity of our offerings and embark on a journey towards holistic wellbeing together.

Kylie Gillin | Wellbeing Studio Owner, Nutritionist, Yoga Facilitator & Wellbeing Coach

My journey began with a genuine fascination for the intricate connection between food and mood, ultimately leading to the completion of a Bachelor of Health Science in Food and Nutrition. Intrigued by neurophysiology, I furthered my studies in this area and weave these insights into my yoga offerings. I've also had a diverse career in corporate and government workplaces, providing me with a good understanding of the challenges in modern life and the stressors that can impact wellbeing

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Estelle Amelia | Specialist in Sound Therapies, Biofield Tuning & Space Clearing 

Estelle Amelia, is a highly esteemed Indigenous healer who comes from a long lineage of healers.  With over two decades immersed in the holistic wellness industry. Estelle has crafted a unique fusion of sound resonance therapy, scientific insight and energy alignment coaching. Her vision is to help overworked individuals to restore their energy through the transformative high vibrational practices. Estelle wholeheartedly devotes herself to cultivating a space where you can expand your consciousness, calm your overthinking mind, and embrace a positive outlook on life. Estelle’s professional repertoire includes qualifications in Sound Therapies, Biofield Tuning, Group Sound Meditation, Space-Clearing and Space-Cleansing, Voice Analysis, Life Coaching, Crystal Healing Therapy, Aromatherapy Massage and Mindful Breathwork. 

You can book a private session with Estelle every 1st Sunday of the month. And the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Thursday and Thursday evening of the month. 

- For appointments, please click the button below.

- Group Sound Immersion every first Sunday of the month, tickets on Eventbrite.

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Thea Williams | Certified Breathwork Practitioner (Holotropic & CCB)

Thea leverages her years of knowledge and skill to create a truly unique experience that incorporates breathwork, bodywork, aromatherapy and facilitated breath repatterning. After years of personal development work, she felt there was still something missing deep down. Then she discovered breathwork and was blown away by its power to create such massive shifts in her own personal life. Over the years, Thea has supported her clients in reaching their full potential by doing the deep inner work to clear out limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions and energetic blockages, and moving towards true authenticity, expression and experiencing well-being in mind, body and soul.

Thea works with clients in a 1:1 and intimate group capacity and is based in the Wellbeing Studio every Wednesday & Saturday.

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Anita Wong | Somatic Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Anita is a somatic psychotherapist and counsellor with a background in Yoga and Thai Massage. With over 10 years experience in the Yoga and Wellness space, Anita explores a universal, integrated approach to her clients' wellbeing. She works with her clients' body intelligence as well as their mind. With all her clients, Anita uses the strength of a gentle, collaborative and warm therapeutic relationship to guide her clients in their transformations.

Anita is set to join the collective in late July this year.

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Jen Clewley  | Vinyasa Yoga Specialist

Jen shares her practical approach to spirituality through workshops and classes. The foundation of Jen’s teaching is the belief that each persons' yoga journey is unique, and that we share our experiences not so that others can copy but to create threads of inspiration that help others on their path. In addition to her yogic pursuits Jen works in aviation, in a position, regarded as one of the most stressful in the world. Harmonising her spirituality with her professional experiences is her greatest source of inspiration.

Join Jen every Saturday from 7.30am to 8.30am at the Wellbeing Studio.

Flow with Jen

Sally Price | Yoga Teacher for Adults, Teens & Kids

Sally was first introduced to yoga 25 years ago and became a dedicated student after having her daughter in 2013. In 2015, Sally began teaching yoga and meditation after completing an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (350 hours) and a Postgraduate of Yoga Teaching (150 hours).

Her classes are playful with a strong anatomical focus with some philosophy interweaved into the physical practice. Sally’s holistic approach creates a safe and nurturing yoga environment for all the students. 

Term Yoga | Tuesday, 6pm to 7pm & Friday, 9.30am to 10.30am 

Email: [email protected] or 0410 944 472