Work with Kylie

Hello, I'm Kylie Gillin.


My journey began with a genuine fascination for the intricate connection between food and mood, ultimately leading to the completion of a Bachelor of Health Science in Food and Nutrition. Intrigued by neurophysiology, I furthered my studies in this area and weave these insights into my yoga offerings. I've also had a diverse career in corporate and government workplaces, providing me with a good understanding of the challenges in modern life and the stressors that can impact wellbeing

Opening Even Flow Lifestyle Medicine in 2023 was a dream come true—a space where I could bring these experiences together. Here, I passionately support individuals in discovering more balance in their lives through a holistic approach.

My Yoga Story


In my late 20s, I discovered yoga, and for the first time, physical movement felt easeful rather than a chore. This profound impact initiated a ripple effect on my own wellbeing, leading me to study, practice and explore both Eastern and evidence-based Western approaches. Now, years later, I understand why yoga stood out—it was my initial experience connecting mind, body and breath.

But it was also my first, maybe unintentional, experience using yoga to regulate the nervous system. Unintentional because back then, I doubt I even knew about the nervous system. Fast forward 10 years, I’m in yoga training, and the facilitator is talking about how yoga can profoundly benefit the nervous system. It's in that moment of realisation that the easeful feeling I associated with physical movement was actually more to do with regulating my body through yoga. Since that moment, my fascination with neurophysiology has grown, and I've focused my own practice and studied in this area, weaving these insights into my yoga offerings.

Today, I feel incredibly privileged to share this practice with others as they navigate their own paths to regulation and wellbeing.

Even Flow Lifestyle Medicine


In our current healthcare paradigm, many of us seek medical advice only when already sick. What if we prioritised prevention and holistic wellbeing?

This insight inspired me to establish Even Flow Lifestyle Medicine, where I integrate the benefits of modern medicine with traditional Eastern principles like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These ancient systems perceive wellbeing as balance, using therapeutic practices to prevent illness. Lifestyle medicine, akin to its Eastern counterparts, focuses on preventing lifestyle-related health issues and treating the whole person. My mission at Even Flow Lifestyle Medicine is to empower individuals to restore and maintain balance—the epitome of what I call "Even Flow."

"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."

~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner

My Qualifications 


Bachelor of Health Science in Food and Nutrition (La Trobe University)

Registered Yoga Teacher (524 hours) Yoga Australia 


  • Certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach (American College of Lifestyle Medicine and Wellcoaches) 
  • Certified Health and Wellbeing Coach (Wellcoaches Australia) 
  • 6-month Mentorship Program – Yoga for Anxiety and Trauma Informed (The Yoga Clinic Perth) 
  • 100 hours Yoga for Embodiment & Healing  (The Yoga Clinic Perth) 
  • 20 hours Yin for Balancing the Nervous System (The Yoga Clinic Perth)
  • The Vagus Nerve Certificate Program (The Nervous System School) 
  • The Polyvagal Certificate Course for Safety, Connection and the Human Experience Course (The Polyvagal Institute) - currently undertaking 
  • 20 hours Foundational training in Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TC-TSY) (Centre for Trauma and Embodiment at JRI) 
  • 55 hours Restorative and Nervous System Yoga (Yoga Medicine) - currently undertaking  
  • 70 hours Essential Teachings on Yin and Mindfulness (Sarah Powers Insight Yoga) 
  • 50 hours Yin Yoga Training (Bernie Clark and Diane Batts – Yoga International) 
  • 14 hours Functional Yoga Training (Leslie Kaminoff) 


  • Member of the Nutrition Society of Australia (INC.)
  • Professional Member of Health Coaches Association of Australia & New Zealand (HCANZA)
  • Member of Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM)