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Now is the moment to reclaim control of your wellbeing from Dysregulation, Burnout & Chronic Stress.

Integrating Mind-Body, Nutritional and Lifestyle Medicine practices into habits aimed at finding balance within, empowering you to find true freedom within your own body.

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms? 


Digestive Issues

IBS, SIBO, pain, constipation or bloating. 

Disrupted Sleep

Difficulty falling or staying asleep or not feeling well-rested.

Low Energy

Feeling burnt out, stuck, flat or lack motivation.

Chronic Stress

Anxiety, fear, emotional overwhelm, muscle tension or can't switch off.

I work with individuals experiencing dysregulation, burnout and chronic stress  by delving into the root causes. We explore underlying factors contributing to your wellbeing, focusing on stress management, quality sleep, healthy eating habits, enjoyable movement and balanced lifestyle. By identifying and addressing the root causes , we create a foundation for lasting resilience and empower you to thrive in all aspects of your life.


More About Me

Wellbeing Services 

Available online and in-person

Yoga for Nervous System

Ready to take charge of your wellbeing? Kylie offers both group and one-on-one yoga sessions at her wellbeing studio or online. These sessions provide an experiential learning opportunity to regulate your own unique nervous system, empowering you to be in control of your own wellbeing. Through the use of practical tools, you’ll rebalance your nervous system from within.

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Wellbeing Programs

Are you done quick fixes and ready to make lasting change? Kylie offers two programs: online 21-day rebalance program (coming soon) and 1:1 wellbeing coaching. Working directly with clients to help them identify what optimal wellbeing means to them. Kylie empowers individuals to bridge the gap between wanting to be well and actually achieving their wellbeing vision.

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What can you expect from Kylie's wellbeing approach?

Kylie views wellbeing as a balanced state, utilising practices to cultivate homeostasis (balance) to improve wellbeing and prevent illness. Embracing lifestyle medicine's philosophy, she aims to empower individuals in restoring and maintaining balance —something she likes to refer to as finding your "Even Flow."

Cultivate connections with food through sustainable, nutritious habits, emphasising gut health and the microbiome. Acknowledge the profound impact of food choices on mood for a balanced, fulfilling life centred around the interplay of nourishment and wellbeing.

Chronic stress and adversity can leave your nervous system dysregulated, impacting both your physical and emotional health. The positive news is that you can achieve emotional stability, enhance relationships and enjoy a more balanced life without extreme ups and downs.

By leveraging coaching science insights, guide clients in shifting mindset and behaviours fostering enduring wellbeing habits seamlessly integrated into daily life. This approach supports positive change, promoting sustained improvement in overall mental, physical and  emotional health.

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