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Lifestyle Medicine Prescriptions

Redefining health by prescribing personalised lifestyle modifications for a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Lifestyle medicine represents a modern approach rooted in ancient wisdom, akin to the principles of Eastern medicine. It prioritises proactive wellbeing management by preventing illness and addressing root causes rather than merely treating symptoms.

This holistic approach recognises the intricate connections between mind and body, underscoring the importance of balanced living and personalised care to foster long-term wellbeing.

What to expect from a Lifestyle Medicine Consultation?

Step 1: Consultation

  • Duration: Approximately 30 minutes (additional 15 minutes for more detailed nutrition review)
  • Focus: Review your current lifestyle, discuss your ideal wellbeing and identify¬†steps to¬†reach it.¬†¬†

Step 2: Personalised Assessment

  • Delivery: Within 5 days of the initial consultation by email.¬†
  • Contents:
    • Comprehensive review of your lifestyle¬†
    • Specific¬†prescription for lifestyle and modifications.¬†
    • Strategies for integrating these changes into sustainable habits using behaviour change tools
    • Option to review the assessment over Zoom.¬†


  • Complementary Approach:¬†Supports and enhances conventional health professional or alternative¬†treatments.
  • Preventative Focus: Addresses health & wellbeing issues proactively
  • Holistic Solutions:¬†Includes guidance on diet, movement, sleep, stress management and social connection.¬†
  • Personalised Plan: Tailored to your unique needs
  • Convenient Delivery: Assessment and suggestions delivered via email
  • Ongoing Support:¬†Optional follow-up appointments for continued support.¬†

Get Started: support your health and wellbeing with personalised lifestyle prescriptions that complement traditional medical advice or offer preventative solutions. Invest in your mind and body today to ensure your mind and body function optimally in years to come. Schedule your initial consultation now and take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life.

During July and August 2024, I'm making Lifestyle Medicine Prescriptions available at a discounted price to pilot this new service offering.

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