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Yoga for the Nervous System 

Befriending and understanding your nervous system is the antidote for dysregulation. 

1:1 Private Yoga Sessions 

Engage in experiential learning through yoga, blending Eastern and evidence-based Western practices for effective stress management, improved gut health, emotional wellbeing, and enhanced sleep quality. Aiming to cultivate inner resilience and restore balance to the nervous system. Your initial session will involve an intake to better understand YOU for these sessions, leading to a personalised plan to suit your needs. Kylie is not a medical provider and does not offer diagnoses or substitute for other medical professionals. Consider this as a complementary approach to support other therapeutic modalities, like talk therapy or advice from your GP. Join us either in-person at the Mount Lawley studio or through online platforms.


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"Our bodily state influences how we experience the world." 

~ Dr Stephen Porges

Group Yoga Sessions

EFLM offers a variety of yoga styles designed to regulate the nervous system in a calm and safe environment. Inclusive small group experiences are guided by Kylie, with no prior yoga experience required. Secure your class spot by booking through the schedule after purchasing your pass. To prevent class cancellations, please book in advance, as we reserve the right to cancel if participant numbers are less than three.

In these classes, Kylie guides sessions with a trauma-informed approach. Guiding sessions by demonstrating practices, staying on her mat, refraining from physical adjustments, using invitational language, minimal eye contact and not photographing participants. This approach may differ from traditional yoga sessions you've experienced.

In-Person Group Session Prices

Casual session: $28

Five Session Pass: $120

10 Session Pass: $220

Online Group Session Prices

Casual session: $8

Five Session Pass: $25

20% off concession discount applies to¬†both in-person only group and private yoga sessions by presenting one of the following: Full-time Student card, Pensioner Concession Card, or Health Care Card. Email a photo of your card to [email protected] for your discount, arranged within two working days.

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Term Dates for 2024

Term 1: 31 January to 28 March

Term 2: 15 April to 28 June 

Term 3: 15 July to 20 September

Term 4: 7 October to 12 December

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About the Wellbeing Studio 

Situated at Clifton and Central in Mount Lawley, the wellbeing studio is conveniently located just a 5-minute commute from the city and a brief 5-minute walk from Beaufort St. Ample freeparking is available both in front of the studio and near the entrances to Brear Park.

The wellbeing studio caters to those in search of a smaller space to practice. With an abundance of indoor plants and a design palette inspired by natural tones, the studio creates a calm ambiance. Bask in the natural light that bathes our community space, providing a welcoming atmosphere. The studio is well-equipped with air conditioning, heating and a small bathroom. We also generously provide complimentary yoga props such as mats, blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps. Participants are also welcomed to bring their own props, and it's advisable to bring your own water along.

Group Session: Yoga Styles for the Nervous System


Mobilising Flow to Mellow Restorative

This session provides an experiential learning opportunity through yoga, a blend of dynamic energy (30 mins) and passive restoration (30 mins). Tailored for individuals finding stillness challenging, we start by safely discharging mobilising energy to ease into restorative postures. Focused on nervous system balance, this session may suit those who find standard passive session lengths challenging. Also, expect the integration of Polyvagal practices, designed to support nervous system regulation with practical application for everyday life.

Restorative Yoga

 Restorative yoga provides an introspective space to support your body in various shapes to re-learn the lost art of relaxation (focusing on relaxation rather than stretching or strengthening). It aims to increase parasympathetic tone and balance the nervous system. This practice involves props such as blankets, bolsters, straps and blocks to create a supportive container for your body to release stress and tension. In a restorative yoga session, anticipate spending 5-10 minutes in each shape, allowing your body and mind time to soften and let go. Additionally, the class integrates Polyvagal practices designed to support nervous system regulation with practical applications for everyday life.


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